Only Some Voices Count

Today is the International Day of Human Rights, and here’s Planned Parenthood’s tweet about it:

Unfortunately, for abortion advocates, only some voices count. But not if you’re an unborn child — including unborn girls killed by sex selection abortions. And not if you are a woman who was coerced into, injured or killed by abortion — including those whose deaths are not even counted in the official statistics. And not if you are a woman like Darlene:

A woman testifying at a New Jersey Senate hearing about undergoing a coerced abortion was stopped from speaking after being told that she couldn’t talk about her experience with Planned Parenthood. Now she is sharing the story that she wasn’t allowed to tell at the hearing.

Darlene Dunn was testifying at a budget hearing about a bill to provide government funds to Planned Parenthood and other “family planning” centers. She said she wanted to share her story to convince senators that they should not give funding to a group that violates women’s rights.

Instead, she was told by Sen. Paul Sarlo, a co-sponsor of the bill, that she could only talk about “family planning and health care,” and that her personal story wasn’t relevant to the bill.

Dunn disagreed. “When you are scared to death in a crisis pregnancy and [are] told that you have one option, that is not family planning,” she told senators. “That is coerced abortion.”

Read the rest of Darlene’s story here. Then go here to sign our petition for Congressional hearings on abortion’s impact on  women.

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