Business As Usual: Florida Abortion Businesses Still Open Despite Problems

At National Review, Jillian Kay Melchior reports on three Florida abortion businesses with a long history of serious problems similar to those seen in the Kermit Gosnell case:

Sycloria Williams was recovering from a botched abortion at her Pompano, Fla., home on July 21, 2006, when two homicide detectives knocked on her door. They asked if she knew why they were there. “Yes,” Williams said immediately. “Because the baby was born alive.”1

It took investigators one week and three separate searches to find the corpse of Williams’s infant, which was hidden away in the abortion clinic in Hialeah, Fla.2 It was a tiny black girl, only 25.5 centimeters from head to toe, born prematurely on July 20. Her body was badly decomposed, discolored and infested with maggots, but the autopsy report and an expert physician’s review both suggested she had drawn breath on her own before she died.3

The body had been hidden, according to a tip received by the police, on the roof4 or perhaps in the dropped ceiling of the abortion clinic,5 then later in a biohazard bag within a medical-waste box in the malodorous recovery room.6 Florida’s Department of Health later alleged that Williams’s doctor had “falsified [her] medical records in an apparent effort to conceal his errors and the true events of July 20, 2006.”7

Those “true events” — the alleged murder of an infant who was not supposed to be born alive — turned out to be harder to sort out than anyone expected, and the conclusion also proved hazy. In the end, no one was successfully held responsible for the infant’s death in either criminal or civil court, despite efforts at prosecution.

Read the rest here. All three clinics are still operating and many of those involved are still performing abortions.

The legalization of abortion was supposed to protect women from unlicensed and unregulated “back-alley” hacks who performed unsafe surgeries that maimed and killed women. But as we’ve seen, abortion is still practiced with the ethics of the back alley. The difference is that while illegal abortionists were routinely investigated and closed down by authorities, most legal abortionists are able to continue to ply their dangerous trade with the protection of the law. Further, the abortion industry and their allies continue to fight measures that would protect the rights, health and safety of women.

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