14-year-old Pregnant Rape Victim, Prayer Request

From our friends Doug and Angela Grogg:

Saturday Morning I received a Google Alert. It was about a 14 year old girl who was raped and is now pregnant. As all of you know this hits close to home with our family. The minute I read the article, I got Doug and we immediately prayed for this family and we ask God to use us in this situation. I felt such a sense of urgency that we needed to do something. I contacted the police department and spoke to an officer and was encouraged to call back Monday morning.

I had a very lengthy conversation with the detective in charge of the investigation. He was very open to talking to me, (not about the case) but about what our family went through, and how we could be of help to this family. I ask if they had decided on abortion for their daughter, he sadly said yes. At that moment my heart sank. Then he said, “but they can’t get it for about a week, due to tests and DNA requests.” He said he agreed that there are other options for this girl. However the parents are completely distraught. Doug and I know that feeling first hand.

The detective said he has a meeting with them at 1:30 pm tomorrow afternoon, and he ask for all our info and said he would encourage them to contact us. He also said he would call me afterwards to let me know how it went. I told him I wanted to be very careful not to upset or offend them, but that being both a parent of a child who conceived in rape and a post abortive mother I know what they will end up doing if they choose that route. He agreed. I told him there are people here in Missouri that will do anything to help this family through this time. Give them whatever they need, support them and just lift them up in their hour of need. He was very kind and seemed very hopeful and grateful for our offer. He went to my website during our call and said he thought this was very helpful to them and he actually sounded excited. or hopeful! 🙂

Now, what I am asking of all of you on this email? Please start praying, please pass this on, ask everyone you know to pray for this family and this baby. We need to start a prayer chain and start it fast. The meeting is @ 1:30 pm central time tomorrow. Our prayer is that the parents hearts will be softened enough to hear the detective and be open to at the very least going to our website and checking our Pyper’s story and all the stories on there. This family also needs our prayers now more than ever. They are in a very dark place and we know first hand they are reeling right now. Doug and I are prepared to drop everything “if” (believing) “when” they call and driving up to Union to meet with them.

I also called a friend in Jeff City told her about this case, She too is in a position to help them, she has referred people to us in the past and hopefully she may have some pull to at least get the lines of communication open.

Our family knows that God has purpose and use for us and we want to yield to that and be a light to families facing what we faced just 4 years ago. Please also pray that God can use us and our experience to bring Glory to his name and bring peace to this family.

Doug and I and our entire family know that with love and support and being surrounded by the right people this family can have an amazing blessing and testimony and a healing by God’s hands. So please, pray, pass this on, and believe with us that the door will be opened for us to just love them and be there for this family.

PS. Please if you choose to put this on FB, please be respective to this family.  I prefer just a simple pray request.  Missouri is a very small community and we are very close to this town and I do not want to cause them more pain then what they are already going through. We don’t want to turn this into a circus, we just want to unite everyone in prayer for them.

Thank you

Doug and Angela Grogg

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