When Young Girls Are Manipulated Into Abortion


By Theresa Bonopartis

As we try to bring healing to those in the US who have been injured by abortion in so many ways, I often forget that The International Planned Parenthood Federation is busy manipulating and deceiving young girls and women all over the world to buy into the junk we bought into here in the USA.

I just came across this video from “Girls Decide“, about 15-year-old Valeria of Argentina,who had unprotected sex and found out she was pregnant. It shows her going to the doctor and the options she was given. Valeria ends up telling her mom, but I am sure there are countless numbers of girls who do not.

At 15 or younger these girls have no idea what a life altering decision abortion is, and I am also sure they have no idea of the negative consequences they can, sooner or later, face in their lives. The subtle messages through body language in the video were pretty upsetting. As the doctor offers the choice of having the baby she has a stern, sad look on her face. Adoption brings negative head shaking from Valeria, but, the abortion option when offered, brings a big smile to the doctors face.

Of course, when it is all over they are not only all smiles, but Valeria has been made a youth advocate! What a smart way to empower rationalization and justification…to build a strong wall of denial and inject self importance in being an advocate so that the girl is convicted in her “decision” and helps spread their message!

My heart breaks for her. She has no idea at the present time how this can impact her future, but I am sure it will when she is older and ready for a baby or finds out she is not able to have one. When she emotionally breaks down and realizes it is because of the abortion she had in her youth.

I have had women from 80 to 93 seek help for healing … decades of denial and suffering to finally finding healing .

As PP spreads its evil throughout the world, let’s remember to pray for all those who come in contact with them.

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Theresa Bonopartis is the founder of Lumina, which offers healing retreats for women, men and siblings impacted by abortion and those who aborted because of an adverse diagnosis. In addition, Lumina provides training for clergy members and mental health professionals on post abortion stress. This article originally appeared on her blog, Reclaiming Our Children, and is reprinted with permission.

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