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Doctors: Abortion Not Necessary to Save Mothers’ Lives

From LifeSite News: Almost 900 medical professionals have now signed the Dublin Declaration on Maternal Health, launched in 2012 to declare that abortion is not needed to save women’s lives. Unveiled at the International Symposium on Maternal Healthcare in Dublin, … Continue reading

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Australian Maternal Death Report Highlights Abortion-Suicide Connection

A report on maternal deaths in Queensland, Australia, has raised concerns about suicide following pregnancy, particularly after abortion. The Queensland Maternal and Perinatal Quality Council report noted: Suicide is the leading cause of death in women within 42 days after … Continue reading

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Abortion Risks | Abortion Complications | Abortion Dangers | Abortion Side Effects

  Printable Fact Sheets Psychological Complications More articles on abortion complications Physical Dangers Associated With Abortion Approximately 10% of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complications, of which one-fifth (2%) were considered major.19 However the majority of complications take time … Continue reading

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CDC Reports of Abortion Deaths Double: Research Shows Many Deaths Go Uncounted

A recent report on abortion released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) noted that, “In 2008, the most recent year for which data were available, 12 women were reported to have died as a result of complications from known … Continue reading

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Two Deaths from “Safe and Legal” Abortions

Would More Women Die If Not for Legalization? By Christina Dunigan Demetrice Andrews, age 22, underwent an abortion on October 17, 1988. She became progressively ill, and was finally admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Demetrice suffered multiple organ … Continue reading

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“Invisible” Abortion Deaths

One of our past posts included the stories of five women in Maryland who died as a result of abortion, and whose deaths were never counted as abortion-related in any official statistics. Here’s a link to an article about another … Continue reading

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Multiple Abortions Increase Risk of Maternal Death: New Study

A single induced abortion increases the risk of maternal death by 45 percent compared to women with no history of abortion, according to a new study of all women of reproductive age in Denmark over a 25 year period. In … Continue reading

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Higher Death Rates After Abortion Found in U.S., Finland, and Denmark

Studies in U.S., Finland, and Denmark show women are more likely to die after an abortion than after childbirth. Continue reading

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Rehash of Abortion Safety Claim Ignores All Inconvenient Evidence to the Contrary


An “apples vs. oranges” comparison of dissimilar data sets is being used to promote the lie that abortion is safer than childbirth. Meanwhile, pristine record-linkage studies proving the opposite are being ignored. Continue reading

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Abortion Risks: A list of major psychological complications related to abortion

Hundreds of studies have documented a wide variety of psychological reactions associated with abortion. This list summarizes many of the major findings and includes citations to the original research. Continue reading

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Women’s Suicide Rates Highest After Abortion: New Study

Springfield, IL (Nov. 29, 2005) — Compared to women who have not been pregnant in the prior year, deaths from suicide, accidents and homicide are 248% higher in the year following an abortion, according to a new 13-year study of … Continue reading

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CDC Abortion Mortality Reports Flawed: New Study and Head of CDC’s Admission

New Study Finds Women Are Three Times More Likely To Die After An Abortion CDC Admits Its Abortion and Childbirth Mortality Statistics Are Not Comparable Springfield, IL (Sept 9, 2005) ‑‑ International health experts have published a new study disclosing … Continue reading

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New Research Allows States to Regulate or Ban First Trimester Abortions

Springfield, IL (July 26, 2004) — A recently published law review article suggests that a ban on abortion, even in the first trimester, may now be allowed under the legal standards established in the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v Wade … Continue reading

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Death Rate of Abortion Three Times Higher than Childbirth

13-year Population Study in Published in Top OB/Gyn Journal Springfield, IL (March 5, 2004) — A study of pregnancy-associated deaths published in the latest issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has found that the mortality rate associated … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Abortion Death Rate Higher Than Previously Known

Elliot Institute Research Has Major Implications For Women’s Health, Abortion Politics A study published in the August edition of the Southern Medical Journal reveals that women who have abortions are at significantly higher risk of death than women who give … Continue reading

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