Supporter Sign Up Page – For Those Who HAVE NOT Had A Sexual Assault Pregnancy

If you have never had a sexual assault pregnancy, this is the page to sign up as a “supporter” of the petition of women who have had sexual assault pregnancies. You are not signing their petition, shown below, but rather signing up as a supporter of their right to be heard.

If you are a women who has experienced a sexual assault pregnancy please sign on the WPSA Member page here.

Petition to Congress and State Legislators
from the Ad Hoc Committee of
Women Pregnant by Sexual Assault (WPSA)

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We, the undersigned, having each experienced a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, hereby petition the U.S. Congress and individual state legislatures to hold public hearings at which we and other women who have become pregnant from sexual assault will be invited to discuss our unique needs and concerns.  The reasons for such hearings are set out below.

Every year, legislators, judges, and other policy makers discuss the problems of women who have become pregnant as a result of sexual assault.  These discussions take place without ever first soliciting our input.  In most cases, it is only in the context of highly divisive debates over abortion that we are discussed.  In virtually every case, those people who claim to be defending our interests have never taken the time to actually listen to us to learn about our true circumstances, needs, and concerns.

We are deeply offended and dismayed each time our difficult circumstances are exploited for public consumption to promote the political agenda of others.  This is a grave injustice.  In pursuing their political agendas, these exploiters have reduced our concerns, needs, and circumstances to a crude caricature.

Those who claim to represent our interests have never sought our authorization to represent us.  They do not know us, understand us, or truly care about us.  Just as we were once used, without our consent, to gratify the sexual desires of others, so we continue to be used, without our consent, to gratify the political goals of others.

Only we who have actually experienced a sexual assault pregnancy truly understand the trauma, fears, concerns, and needs of our sisters who are, or will someday become, pregnant as a result of rape or incest.

Each year, thousands of women will face this experience. Unless society at large begins to listen to us today, these other women will, like us, face great difficulty in finding authentic understanding and help.

The issue of sexual assault pregnancies is both delicate and complicated.  Even women who have been sexually assaulted but did not become pregnant can only speak in terms of their own fears rather than their actual experience.  Only women who were or are pregnant by sexual assault can knowledgeably testify about this experience.

Our experiences are varied.  Many of us carried our pregnancies to term.  Some of us raised or are raising our children, while others placed our children in adoptive homes.  Others of us had abortions.  In many cases, we felt pressured to abort by family members, social workers, and doctors who insisted that abortion was the “best” solution.  For many the abortion caused physical and emotional trauma equal to or exceeding the trauma of the sexual assault that our abortions were supposed to “cure.”

We are the only ones who can bear witness to our real experiences and our real needs. How long will you refuse to listen to us?

View the petition with names of the Ad Hoc Committee of Women Pregnancy By Sexual Assault (download)
Learn more about this petition effort

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Join our call to Congress and state legislators to hold hearings giving women who have experienced a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest a chance to share their stories and talk about what women in their situation really want and need.

Simply fill out the web form below to support WPSA. Your name will be added to our supporter database, and you will receive updates about this campaign and how you can help by email.

If you are a woman who experienced a pregnancy as a result of rape or incest — whether you raised the child, placed him or her for adoption or experienced an abortion or miscarriage — and would like to join WPSA, go here to fill out a WPSA web form. Please note that you can join this group without having your name made public.

Thank you for being a part of this effort!

7 Responses to Supporter Sign Up Page – For Those Who HAVE NOT Had A Sexual Assault Pregnancy

  1. KATHY FORCK says:

    My mother was raped at age 16. Her parents forced her to have an aboriton. She stopped going to church, dropped out of high school and became depressed. Her young adulthood was during WW11 and she had a problem with relationships. She eventually married my father after only a two week courtship and she told him what a horrible woman she was because of the abortion. They vowed to have as many children as possible. God sent them ten children and she lost one to miscarriage, she mourned the lost baby along with her aborted child. When she was pregnant with me, her third child in four years, the dr told her she wasn’t really pg and that he would remove some tissue. She knew what he meant and got another doctor. I told my dad how blessed I was that mom knew what he meant and he then told me, 60 years later, that the reason she knew was because of the rape and subsequent abortion. She took this secret to her grave and I would have never known except my dad was praising me for getting involved in the prolife movement through 40 Days for Life. I was almost not here along with my four children and six grandchildren. My dad told me she mourned that aborted child her whole life and she never forgot and never received healing. My mother died at age 67 and I was told her secret when I was 60. Rape hurt my mother, but abortion devastated her.

    • EI says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your mother’s story.

    • Karen Raaymakers says:

      All I can say, is what a fantastic woman your mother was; it is a story that should be made public! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Kevin Williams says:

      Thanks Kathy for sharing. Your mother received her healing I believe in many forms. Perhaps YOU were one form of that healing in the knowledge she gained from her abortion and the Grace she received from God as a result of her mourning it. He gives beauty for ashes, the oil of Joy for mourning and the garment pf praise for the Spirit of heaviness. Jesus said “Blessed are they that mourn…” He gave her YOU. So apparently a very precious gift from your words and your involvement in pro life work. I am also involved with 40 Days For Life and have been infinitely blessed by the many precious souls who come together to pray and put a few gouges in the abortion industry and the gates of hell by our presence there.

  2. We go to great lengths to protect the innocent from capitol punishment, except for the innocent in the womb. What crime have they done to deserve the death penalty of abortion-NOTHING except exist. This loss of their child creates a “missing piece” in every mother’s heart.
    I encourage everyone hurting in this way to seek an avenue of healing. God wants us to heal from our wounds, not live in them.
    By sharing your story you will encourage healing in others! Thank you.

  3. Pat Goltz says:

    I want to sign A petition in support of your group, but I didn’t have a rape pregnancy. I fully understand what a horrible thing it is to use rape victims for an agenda like so many pro-abortion people do, and how STUPID it is that pro-life people go along with them. Who will speak for the rape victim? I will! I need a petition that will allow me to be in solidarity with my sisters who experienced rape, without having to misrepresent my own situation. Please make one! Thank you.

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