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  1. Sirous Zeinali says:

    I need to know should we perform theraputic abortion for fetuses indanger of being affected with severe health problems

    • EI says:

      Short answer: No.

      So called “therapeutic abortions” are not a truly a therapy that helps the baby. Nor is there any evidence that it helps the mother or father. It certainly does not help physically, nor does it help psychologically. It gives the false promise of preventing the emotional burdens that come with caring for a special needs child…or avoiding the natural death of child who would die otherwise by aborting the child earlier than would be natural.

      But there is no evidence of any substantial mental health benefits to women or couples who abort a child with health defects. Instead, the literature is clear that “therapeutic abortions” are associated with their own long list of negative psychological adjustments. You can read about some of these studies here.

      You may also want to read Abortion Industry’s Mission Is To Pressure Women and Women Speak Out About “Counseling” in the Abortion Industry.

      Remember, there is a lot of prejudice out there against disabled people, much of which is focused on preventing people with special needs from ever being born. So parents are often given a very skewed picture of what handicaps entail and little or nothing about the rewards of raising a child with special needs and the resources to help them.

      in addition, I should point out that there are now some great programs in perinatal hospice to help parents whose child will die shortly after birth due to congenital defects.

      Bottom line, if severe handicaps will lead to an early death of an unborn child, it is more natural and dignified to allow nature to take it’s course, allowing the child to be born, alive or dead, rather than to deliberately abort the child. Find what grace you can in accepting the short term gift of a child, or a child that is less than perfect (which is actually true of even the healthiest children).

  2. Richard W. Christoph says:

    You are doing a wonderful work. Thank you very much! RWC

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