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    My name is Rebekah Robinson.
    I’m Currently in year 12 and studying the impact abortion has on mental health. I’m aware this is a blunt question but I would really like to hear some of your stories about your experience with abortion. All information will be kept confidential if anyone is interested in having a chat with me via Email. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you all

  2. hi, I tried the first number on the top of the list of resources 866-469-7326 and got a voicemail saying ” we recommend you call customer service” . Are you able to correct this? I sent a grieving mom this number and it was devastating to her.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the notification. They have changed their number and we have corrected it. Please pass along our apology to the mother you gave it to.

  3. I don’t know how any of this works but I thought that I would maybe try it out. I had an abortion about a year ago January 2nd. I was 17 years old and although a year has passed I feel stuck in this constant pain. I have never been very religious but I always believed in god and when times got hard I felt like he was there for me. Ever since my abortion I feel like I can’t forgive myself so how could I ask someone else to? I’ve always cared so much about people and have been a loving person my whole life. Abortion changed my life because I don’t know how I can be who I was without hating who I am now. How can i care so much about people and be so loving and do what I did? Most days I don’t feel anything and sometimes those are the most painful times. I don’t have the ability to love like I did or be happy like I was. I live my life just trying to get through another day of not having to feel anything. If I let myself be truly happy then the deepest and saddest parts of me come out too. No one knows what i’m going through and that is one of the hardest parts. I want to be happy again and I want to be okay, I just don’t think that I deserve it. I miss my baby and I miss who I used to be. I know that I need help but it is a terrifying step that I’m not sure I’m ready to take or even know how to. I only know that I am so tired of living this way. I want to be able to move on and find peace in my heart.

    • What you are experiencing, especially this sense of being a different person after the abortion than you were before the abortion, is common. Many women have been through the same thing, and many of those same women are now leaders in post-abortion healing ministries. They can help you find healing. They can help you rediscover and reawaken the “real you” that has become disconnected because of the abortion. They can also help you turn your abortion experience into one that makes you a stronger, more loving, more compassionate person because you have experienced the loss, the pain, the confusion, the fear. Healing will help you grow wiser in helping to use your experience to help others.

      Please read our page on finding a post-abortion healing program that is right for you. Please write again if we can be of additional help.

      Don’t give up hope. You can find peace of heart again. I promise you.

  4. I just had a medical abortion friday. I was so scared to have a child. I just found out i was pregnant a week before hand. My life has forever changed since i follower thru with it. I did it out of fact i was embarrassed and scared because i would be a single mother. By choice. Im 22.The babys father was a sociopath and he scared me , was verbally abusive. I was scared hed take my baby and my life would be hard in constant hiding from him. I wish i could go back and tell myself to be strong to follow thru with having the child. I would joke before hand calling it a spawn and its going to die but the jokes on me because i feel like i just died on the inside. I made the wrong choice and i can never take it back. Im scared ill never heal. And i cant forgive myself for killing my baby. She was 5 weeks. I knew she was a girl. And i pray to god if i have a kid again i want her soul back. I miss her and im constant crying. I cant look at babys , or young kids without hating myself. I wish i could get her back but i cant and ive never felt so depressed and hated myself more. Im too embarrassed to tell anyone. I dont know how im going to live with myself. I pray she forgives me. Because i just want her in my arms… See her grow and become a strong human being. And do great things in life. I love her so much and i killed her. I was pro choice but after i feel now i know im pro life. If you think about doing it please think long and hard because i didnt and its the worse choice ive ever done in my life. And i cant move foward.

    • Dear Michelle,

      I am so sorry for what you are going through right now. It is so hard. But please, please, do not give up hope. I know how it feels like the hurt will never end, but God does want to receive His healing mercy. His forgiveness can be instantaneous, but it will take time for the healing to sink in.

      The good news is that you are not alone. Many women have been though the same loss and struggles and have found healing and are now anxious to help others, like you, to work through healing, too.

      Please check out our page of tips and resources on post-abortion healing. It might be a very idea to call one of the toll free numbers right away . . . just so you can experience the opportunity to speak to someone (even a “stranger”) who is understanding and supportive.

      You are right. You can’t change the past. But you can learn and grow from it. If you open up your heart and mind to being healed and becoming a healer, you can become better at helping others through their struggles through life.

      Don’t give up hope. Never give up hope. God will use this experience to heal you and help you become a better person. Please contact one or more of the post-abortion healing groups listed on our resource page to get experienced help and support.

      You are in my prayers. Don’t hesitate to write again if you need anymore advice or encouragement.


  5. I hope I reach as many people as possible. My abortion cost me my life. I now realize that all the mistakes and sins that I’ve done cannot be undone. My health is in bad shape.. God is only going to give you so many chances to be a good person. Use this time to heal and reflect . Ask God for his forgiveness and try to do good deeds into the world. You’ll feel better and others will appreciate you.

  6. Hi Im Sophia, not my real name..i had an abortion last year of october 10th. And until now, i still find myself having bad dreams about babies dying, babies bleeding out. Im 22, and i feel like an idiot for doing that thing. Now i need my first baby, i want him back, but i cant do anything, i always blame my boyfriend for this, he doesn’t want to have the baby so i have to give it up. Our relationship is getting worst, i feel like i dont need him anymore but he doesnt want to leave me. I feel bad, seeing my friends having their babies, seeing a mom with her baby or even a pregnant woman kills me..every morning, i regret it. =( please help, im from philippines..

  7. my wife was told that she had a miss carriage,whilest visiting a doctor during her normal check-ups.she was admitted and was given pill s that forced her to bleed aftre some she walked in fine in to the doctors room.and she was told that it was a threatening abortion.we suspect that she was aborted without our permission.plz help 4rm Mafako’s family in South Africa

    • We don’t have any physicians on staff, so I can’t give you an answer about which I would have any confidence. I can understand your concern and suspicion. All I can do is to suggest that you try finding other people in South Africa who can help you. Perhaps someone with a church or pro-life group who can put you in touch with doctors and lawyers who can investigate what happened, what your wife was given, and why and whether there was any negligence or ill intent in giving her that drug.

      Here is a link to pro-life groups in South Africa, including contact info for “Doctors for Life International.” I’m sure that the physicians with that group would be quite anxious to expose any malpractice, if there was malpractice, in your wife’s case. You are all in our prayers. I am sorry for your loss and the hurts you are experiencing.

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