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Thank You for Joining This Campaign — 21 Comments

  1. I am a child of rape. My birth mom was raped in foster care. She was pressured to have an abortion and she was told that she must have done something to deserve being raped. She chose to be strong and brave and she chose to give me life and she gave me up for adoption. There is always a better way than murdering a helpless, innocent child!!!! Do NOT punish the child for the crimes of his or her sperm donor. It’s not the child’s fault and the child should not die because it was conceived in such a horrible manner!!!! Every child has a right to life. There is always adoption. Not killing the child does NOT mean that the woman wanted to be raped. It does NOT mean anything other than the fact that the one who was raped is stronger and better and refuses to go along with what society “thinks” she should do.

    • Thank you for sharing your story! Your birth mom was so brave and loving. What a gift you are!! You fulfilled a dream for the parents who adopted you. Rape is horrific and so violent. To me, having an abortion would be one more terrible violation. Thank you to all of the hero moms who give their child life! I can only imagine how devastating rape is. I am so sorry for everyone who has been violated by rape. May God bless all of you!!!

  2. Dear Rebecca,

    What an ordeal you have been through. I’m afraid to say anything for fear that it will just come across as pale platitudes. On one level, it appears that things have just gotten steadily worse for you.

    It’s so natural to ask, “How could God allow this?”, not just once, but three times in a row.

    Yet you also describe such powerful workings in your soul. You discovered love for a child you never planned. You grew in your awareness of what other women experience who face sexual assault pregnancies and the choice to abort. Your two teenage son’s also learned to open their hearts with love and excitement to a half-brother they could not see, even though given the circumstances in which he was conceived.

    They also witnessed your bravery, your integrity, your love, your faithfulness in a deep and profound way that I know will always move them and will likely effect many things they choose to do and say and witness in their own lives which will in turn effect others . . . sending the ripples of these events out to still others.

    I know none of this can ease your loss, your pain, your confusion, and all the other turbulent feelings you are experiencing. But I pray it will help to sustain that wonderful virtue of hope which you have already demonstrated throughout this whole ordeal. God did not intend any of these problems in your life, but He did forsee and allow these events to take their course because He will give you graces, and through you, your baby, and your sons, give more graces to others in ways we cannot see or fathom.

    He will not let your suffering go to waste. Instead, it is joined to His suffering on the cross and will bring grace into the lives of others (including me, for I have been touched and moved into prayer by your story, one which I will never forget).

    Hang on hard to your hope, your faith, and your charity. All of which have been tested and proven to be gold through these trials. Don’t let the enemy drag you down into despair, doubt, or bitterness.

    You are in my prayers. More importantly, you are in God’s loving embrace. I pray you will feel His comfort and will be graced with the opportunity to see at least some of the ways this tragedy will positively influence your sons, yourself, and others.

    Be patient with yourself, God . . . and those around you who simply have no idea how to comfort and support you (perhaps out of fear that they will say or do the wrong thing). It will take time.

    Oh, how I wish I could say something more. But I’ve said more than enough. My prayers and love go out to you, all of which pale compared to the love God has for you, especially in this time of your distress. “A broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” Psalm 51:17.

  3. I was raped earlier this year. Becoming pregnant afterwards stunned me and made me feel as though my rapist’s assault was never going to end. It didn’t help matters that I was 40 & high risk. Every necessary exam became a point of trauma all over again. Ignorant doctors told me repeatedly to not have sex in my situation, which repulsed and angered me. How could I ever consider a relationship ever again much less have sex ever again. And at my first visit I made sure to tell the truth of this conception. It was even noted in my medical records. Didn’t they read it before making such insensitive comments?! Now I’m laying in my bed not wanting food or visitors or anything. I chose life. I saw the first ultrasound and bawled like the baby I saw on the screen! I was a prolifer who thought that rape should be an exception… Until it was me! I knew I couldn’t kill that innocent baby. So as hard as it was, I decided to endure what followed. I considered adoption. But I held back. Over time I fell in love with my baby. I still had support for adoption, even a willing relative! But he stole my heart a little bit every day. My two teen sons also embraced the reality of a little brother. This is why, after a month of bleeding and repeatedly racing to the ER, the Monday after our Nation’s independence day celebration was one that rocked my world! I had slept all night long. I awoke and went to the bathroom. Something wasn’t right. When I looked, I immediately knew what was going to happen. My umbilical cord was protruding from my body! I took myself to the hospital. I was immediately rushed to labor and delivery. Around 2 in the afternoon, my son was pronounced dead. It took twelve hours of forced labor before my child was “born”. Another hour after that was the time it took to expel the placenta and bring bleeding under control. I held him. A tiny little thing who never deserved any of this. Now I’m planning his funeral. It isn’t fair. And I am left feeling from this. As if rape isn’t traumatic enough, but to become pregnant, accept the pregnancy, bond with the life inside, and now to wonder why?!?! Some days I wish I had died with him. My rapist is still at large. I’m afraid of him finding me. But the worst insult in my ordeal is feeling utterly alone, especially when I am an involved member of a large local church! Seriously, it’s not fair! Another member in my church lost a husband. People have been there for her! Calls, visits, meals! Nothing for me! It’s like his life doesn’t count! It counted to me!

    • Rebecca, thank you for coming here to share your story. I can only imagine the pain you have been through, and am so sorry for the trauma you have experienced and for the loss of your baby. Truly we need to do a better job of supporting women who have been through this. If there is a crisis pregnancy center in your area (you can search for one at, you may want to consider contacting them as they provide free support for women dealing with pregnancy-related issues. Choices4Life ( is an advocacy organization for women who conceived as a result of rape and children conceived through rape. Perhaps other readers can suggest resources as well? I will be praying for healing for you in all you have been through.

      • Thank you for posting to refer others: A young woman in crisis called Choices4Life, and changed her mind after Juda offered to support and help cover expenses (they are doing a fundraiser for each mother who needs help, including girls as young as 11). Another super group to support and promote is The Nurturing Network, started by Catholic business executive Mary Cunningham-Agee) 1-800-TNN-4MOM This national network organizes resources, including housing and jobs, across the country if women are being pressured, or threatened by others coercing them to abort, and need to relocate for safe support. Choices4Life and The Nurturing Network are my two favorite programs that deserve as much publicity as Planned Parenthood. Please make sure all your churches and centers know about these Nonprofits.

  4. The arguments against abortion in the case of sexual assault are so compelling that when people have come up to me at the abortion mill saying (Sometimes yelling) “What about rape and incest” They usually walk away with a changed heart and mind. I always start out with “That is my favorite question to answer!” They often get teary eyed and have pumped my hand and said “I am so glad I came and talked to you!” I dont begin with philisophical arguments or logic but with an experience I had. It was several years ago when I was first being convicted to become more actively involved in pro life. I had been sharing with Christians about my convictions about abortion and was stunned when several of them made statements like “I believe abortion is morally wrong, except in the case of rape and incest!” I was new to pro life thinking and had yet to think this through or even read a single book (other than the Bible) on the pro life position. Their words haunted me until it occurred to me that I had not yet simply asked God for light on the subject. As I was driving down a lonely mountain road I prayed “Father, what about children who have been conceived in rape and incest?” I was totally unprepared for what happened next. For lack of words to describe it it felt like a River of Love began flowing through me. I couldnt stop weeping! I determined to research this. (Job said “The cause which I knew not I searched out” Job 29:16) The first book recomended to me was “Victims and Victors” Since then I have heard many testimonies from people who have been conceived in rape and each time it has born out what I experienced on that lonely Mountain road. That there is a River of Love that God shares with and imparts to people who choose life in these circumstances. It is like His “Stamp of approval.”
    We MUST educate people, pray, give of our time, resources, tears, sweat and blood if need be until people know the Truth about this aspect of the abortion deception. Exclusions for rape and incest have always been the Trojan Horse for allowing abortion in every instance. Jesus said “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!”

    • Thanks for sharing your spiritual experience, Kevin. I agree, it is so hard for so many people to look beyond the immediate feelings of horror surrounding rape and incest into the long term implications of what abortion in these cases costs everyone involved women, their children, and the world. Saying the words “Trust God” is easy, so it is also easy to dismiss them as just a trite, superficial words. Actually trusting God, however, is not so easy. But when we do, what graces abound!

  5. I am not post abortive but have become involved with the prolife cause. I specifically have a heart for post abortive women who are denied the right to grieve. I have dealt with post traumatic stress disorder because of numerous losses in my life of immediate family members, mostly through death. Post abortive women must be allowed and supported through their grief process as a result of “Choice”!

  6. I am happy to hear from this lady and that she is happy with the baby. The little one is so innocent. I was perturbed with Mr. mourdock who was hoping to be elected Senator in Indiana. He was pro-life except in the case of the life of ther mother. I saw that on a letter I got from a prolfe site in Virginia. I was uopset that he was not educated regarding rite to life. I am a Roman Catholic and eighty one years old, so I was around when the pill was brought out. In the case of a Catholic woman who is assaulted, she can go immediately to a hospital as conception does not take place in an instant.In this case, the seed is an aggressor and be taken care of. Once conceptiojn takes place, one cannot murder the baby who is so innocent. I explained as well the topic of ecropic pregnancy. In this case neither the mother or child can surviver and will kill both of them.
    This is not the case of saving the mother but must be done as both will die.
    I would hope in the next election that pro-lifers be well informed.
    Will keep these ladies in my prayers.

    Theresa B. Simmons

  7. I can see that having an abortion after being defiled and tramatized is horrible.
    I believe abortion is very bad for women as well as evil ingeneral.
    pray every day for an end of abortion.

  8. These women’s voices are desperately needed in the national discussion on abortion. I pray they will be allowed to speak and that their perspectives will be heard..

  9. As a person who is always working to educate on abortion, I applaud these women who have come forward after all the trauma they have been through. It is through their voices that the world will truly know that rape doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, lead to the death of the innocent. Blessings, Rita

    • Rita, I am encouraged to read you are educating on abortion, too. As part of The IRMA Network, our goal is the same. As David Reardon says, “The post-abortive will STOP abortion.” We want to do everything in our power to provide the opportunities and make it safe for them to speak up. I pray God opens many hearts and doors.

      • Thank you Diane! I pray many blessings on your work also, and thank you for listening to God’s call to use your gifts and energies in this Life work.

  10. Thank you for sharing your stories. I hope that you get the right for your voices to be heard. I can’t stand the way this was talked about in the debates, and through the media. I’m very disturbed about the insistance that Abortion is necessary. I cringe knowing that it helps the rapist get away with the crime. There was also no mention of loving the victim, nor of listening to them, like a being a victim took away their ability to think for themselves. Because of you, you are helping me to be a better man, to understand better how to love, and treat women. God Bless you all.

  11. Thank you for getting the truth out there. I had an abortion during a time of crisis in my life. I thought abortion was the answer to my problems but it turned out to be another problem even worse than the initial pregnancy. I struggled with all kinds of medical and emotional issues for 19 years and finally I realized that I was suffering from the choice I had made. I realize now that God has forgiven me but that does not erase the consequences of my actions. There isn’t a day go by that I don’t think about the child I aborted and wonder what he/she would have looked like, or would have grown up to become. I now counsel post abortive women who are going through much of the same suffering I did. I volunteer at a Pregnancy Care Center here in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Oh, how I wish women could know the pain that will follow the abortion before they make this life altering (in so many ways) decision. I could write a book on all the women that I have counseled and how the abortion destroyed many of their lives and their families around them.
    God Bless you and the work you are doing to get your voice heard.

    Kathleen Stepherson

  12. I am writing a pro-life book about abortion and I am so impressed and inspired by the work that the Elliott Institute has done and the women who have shared their stories and their struggles. It has made me more determined to try to communicate to the world how perverse the basic arguments promoting and defending the institution of abortion really are and how damaging 40 years of legalized abortion have been to our nation, not only from the standpoint of the individual lives which have been damaged (although that is horrible enough), but also to the moral fabric of our society.

  13. I have such admiration for the courage of these women who are sharing their stories so openly. During my own post abortion healing after 3 abortions, I have met several post abortive women whose pregnancies resulted from a sexual assault. Every one of them has said that their abortion was like being assaulted all over again. Although my aborted pregnancies did not result from assaults, I whole-heartedly support and encourage you WPSA women. I pray that your voices will be heard.
    God Bless.

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