Volume 5, 1997

Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 1997

The Wounded Generation
Vicki Thorn examines the impact of abortion on the emotional makeup of Generation X.

Book Review
Dr. Reardon reviews Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher and Victims of Choice by Kevin Sherlock.

Abortion and Suicide
Are women who have had abortions more likely to commit suicide?


Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 1997

A Daughter’s Grief and a Family’s Burden
The story of Gina, who struggled with abortion, depression, and an abusive boyfriend before finding healing and reconciliation with her parents.

Be Kind to “Vegetables”
The implications of withholding food and water from patients.

Cindy shares her horrifying abortion experience and her journey to recovery: “No one told us what would happen.”


Volume 5, Number 3, Summer 1997

Despair Vs. Hope
Part 3: Trusting God’s mercy for unborn children.

Know Your Audience: The Three Levels of Moral Development
How to approach the abortion debate with different audiences.

Never Again
The heart-wrenching story of Terri Hurst’s abortion experience: “I hated my daughter for being able to do all these things my lost baby would never be able to do.”

25 Years of Loving Them Both
Sharing the lessons learned by the pro-life movement since 1973.

A Mother’s Anguish
Poem by Jeanene Clarke, a post-abortive woman.


Volume 5, Number 4, Fall 1997

The Hidden Agenda of Population Control Zealots
Why U.S.-funded programs are anti-life, anti-woman, and anti-choice.

Q & A: Finding Real Answers About Abortion

The Psychological Safety of Abortion: The Need for Reconsideration
Dr. Vincent Rue discusses abortion as a cause of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

The Search for Meaning
The testimony of post-abortive woman “Peggy Brue”: “It’s been a long hard road that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

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