How to Sow the Seeds of Healing After an Abortion

Do you realize that you can promote post-abortion healing without ever talking to people about their past abortions?

You don’t even have to know if someone has had an abortion. And you certainly don’t have to become a trained counselor or an expert in post-abortion issues. All you have to do is sow a few words of healing into your everyday conversations. In every case, your goal is merely to plant the seeds of understanding, empathy, and hope that can lead to future healing. You are not trying to complete the healing process. But you can help break down some of the obstacles to healing.

In a simple, conversational way, cover the following three points:

(1) Announce that you have come to a whole new understanding of the abortion issue, including why people choose abortion and how it affects them;

(2) Express your compassion for women and men who have had abortions, knowing that they must constantly face the fear that others are judging or condemning them, and that they may be experiencing feelings of doubt and regret; and

(3) Describe how you have heard of new programs that help women and men find freedom from the burdens of secrecy and shame associated with past abortions.

For example, you might simply say, “I read an interesting article that gave me a whole new understanding of why women have abortions. I never really understood before how much pressure many are under to have an abortion.

“I also didn’t realize before how much they feel judged and condemned by others. That fear of judgement can really make it hard for them to complete the healing process. Did you know that on average it takes around ten years for women to recover emotionally from a past abortion?

“The good news is that there are a lot of new programs now to help women and men who are dealing with post-abortion problems.”

That’s it. You have planted the seeds. Perhaps someone will ask for more information, in which case you can give them a copy of this publication or refer them to a post-abortion ministry in your area.

Just remember these three key words: understanding, compassion, and hope.

The first step, expressing understanding, respects the mind.

The second step, expressing compassion, soothes the emotions.

The third step, offering hope, feeds the spirit.

Wouldn’t our world be a better place if everyone would begin to sow the seeds of understanding, compassion, and hope?

We have prepared this publication precisely to raise up millions of people, like you, to sow the seeds of post-abortion healing. Together we can create a much more loving and healing environment for those who are burdened by a past abortion.

So use this tool. Get some extra copies of this publication to leave around school or at work, to place in the literature rack at your church, or wherever. Encourage your friends and family to read it.

If this publication has opened your heart or mind in any way, it will help others, too.

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  1. First of all I am the one who affected with the guilt of abortion after I have done it. I am not talking about someone abortion related issue. I have been there, I suffered for the guilt. Personal for me here is the issue. When I did it, I wasn’t focused on about the life (baby) I took it. No, I total blind for that life. I had no compassion at all! My eyes (spiritual one) was blind by Satan (enemies of human being) just like Adam and Eve practiced the desire of their heart I also practiced my desire. My focus was on the other part: I don’t have job; I didn’t marry yet; it is against tradition; what people say about me when the see me I am pregnant without marriage; I don’t like this person to have a child for him / her, and I just want for temporary; it is accidentally happen, and I am not ready now for baby for I just want to enjoy sex; and so on and so on. Think now did you see about a baby life on all those reasons? It is all about me, me, and me. Sad!! Keep in mind I am not judging anyone here including myself. Now, I come to believe “prevention is more than cure” I believe that is what is missing part. Well! It happened. What is next? Guilt, and shame because baby was killed? That is not the necessary step for the rest of life. God opened my eyes and I realized ever singly life on this earth is created for his plan and purpose. Nothing is accidental! I felt rebellion to God, and murder a baby. I repent for it for against to God, and murderer of life (baby). Repentance means not to do again. Now, I am free. It is God’s turn to heal my broken heart. He does. What an amusing God. All the pain wiped out. Devil is a looser he can’t accuse me any longer. Why God give us mercy? He loves us. Jesus paid the price before we were born. When I said Jesus paid, I don’t mean keep doing sin. No! Here is where I realize the love of God. No one heal wounded heart except Jesus. He knows ever decision we made! Any way it is good to be honest and tell the truth when we confess. May God free you as he did for me! When you confess don’t argue you. Then believe he forgive you (have faith). How do I know that I am forgiven? You know it inside of you no more shame and guilt instead you fill peace. One more thing if you would: that child we killed in the womb is waiting for us one day to see us as a mother in heaven. Instead, you better believe in Jesus Christ and will meet again the child you lost. That child is growing in heaven. HOWWW!!! What an amazing God. Let me pray for you God open the entire person who read this post of abortion guilt. As you healed me forgive them. God remember what Jesus said on the cross: forgive them father for they don’t know what they are doing. Yes God forgive them. Heal that wounded heart. Let the Satan (the accuser) be in a shame his turn. Wash out all their sin with the blood of Jesus with the blood he shaded on the cross for our sin. Thank you for the healing father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Thank you for your love, mercy, and forgiveness. Say Amen! Say it amen. And receive it forgiveness. No more shame!! No more abortion! It is sin. It is not about legal or illegal. It is sin.

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