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Hope and Healing Index — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    First of all I want to thank you for your ministry and encourage you to keep on doing.
    Abortion causes so much pain and includes so many people. We do face that problem here in Mongolia, where our NGO that problem, too. Through our NGO “Wise decision” we try to encourage and help people to make the right decisions when it comes to alcohol, drugs, sexuality and other problems. We realized that many women come to the seminars, which have a focus on before the abortion, having post abortion trauma and seek for help. Facing the need, we want to help this women (or other people possibly suffering of a post abortion trauma), but haven’t worked in this field yet. So, we are searching for Materials, online courses, of maybe even the possibility having somebody in Ulan Bator to train the stuff, so that with your knowledge we can help many more people. I was glad to see the Articals and Researches on your Homepage. I want to ask for permission to translate the materials you prevent on your homepage or others you might send into Mongolian. I know, that your possibilities are limited, too, but I hope you can help us in one or the other way. As promiscuity is high, but sexuality and no-marriage pregnancy is a taboo in this society (and handy any institutions for help) the need is high.
    Kindly, Anna

    • You certainly have permission to translate any of our materials to Mongolian and to reprint them in whatever format best serves your people. I pray you will find additional help and materials from others and encourage you to reach out to some of the groups listed here http://afterabortion.org/help-healing/ which may be able to provide you with additional help and training.

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