Finding the Right Help After an Abortion

When looking for a post-abortion counselor or support group, keep in mind that many of these groups have different philosophies and approaches.

Many are run by women who have had abortions themselves. Some are run by licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers. Others are extensions of churches or crisis pregnancy centers.

Be sure to ask lots of questions in order to find a group or counselor with whom you feel comfortable.

In some cases, especially if you have a history of psychological problems or other trauma that may complicate your abortion problems, you may need the help of a professional counselor.

Don’t expect that just any licensed counselor can help you. Indeed, many professional counselors are unaware of or may even be politically hostile to post-abortion issues. Many women have reported that their therapist’s insistence on looking at everything but their abortion made their problems worse.

If you want a professional counselor, make sure you find a therapist who has experience and training specifically in the field of post-abortion counseling. Your local post-abortion ministry or crisis pregnancy center can probably refer you to one.

Help Is Just a Phone Call or Click Away

Our healing page lists many organizations offering post-abortion counseling either by phone or by providing referrals to a network of counselors around the country.

In recent years, many crisis pregnancy centers have also begun to offer post-abortion counseling. You may want to inquire about post-abortion counseling by calling your local crisis pregnancy center or asking for a referral from a sympathetic pastor at your local church. Many post-abortion counseling services are free.

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  1. Please add Tears to Treasures, 337-322-2060 under your resources for healing from abortion for men and women in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thank you!!

    Living HOPE,
    Michelle Durand
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    PO Box 80551
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  2. I’m writing a pro-life Christian novel and wondered if you’d consider adding it to your resources when it gets published.

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